What do I get commission on?

Commission is split into three streams.

1) Sales of products by us featuring your submitted work through any of our sales channels, less any returns or cancellations.

2) Referrals of customers to our website(s) who then go on to make purchases, less any returns or cancellations

3) Signing up of new designers and affiliates who then go on to generate income via sales or referrals.


What does it cost me?

Nothing. There are no charges made to you at all – no monthly account fees, no charges for payments or order processing. The money should be flowing all one way – from us to you. We handle all the websites, conversion of designs, production, advertising, payment processing, shipping, customer service, everything.


How is it calculated?

                All the earnings are based on your current commission rate for that item, rounded down to the nearest penny. The total commission is calculated on all earnings made less any deductions for returns or cancellations.

                Your commission rate is based on the base commission rate for a product (as given in the rate card) plus any commission bonuses that apply. For example, if there is a bonus target of 5% for 100 sales in a month and you hit it, you will receive an extra 5% on all earnings whilst that bonus is in effect. Current bonus targets are shown in the Designer Portal.


When do I start earning commission?

                Commission is earnt when an action which earns commission is processed.  These can be seen in more-or-less real time in the Designer Portal. Funds do not become available until 30 days have passed since they were earnt – this allows time for returns or cancellations to take effect.


Are there any deductions from the commission I receive?

                We levy no charges for any of our services, including converting submitted works, taking payments or paying you. The only deductions we make are if a customer chooses to return a product or the order is cancelled. If the product is faulty or damaged in the post when the customer receives it we cover the cost of replacing those ourselves.

                Funds paid to you do not have any taxes deducted from them. You will need to account for this yourself and ensure the correct taxes are paid. Tax laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and it would be unreasonable for us to deal with all of these. You are solely responsible for ensuring you meet your own tax obligations.

                Finally, it should be worth noting that if designs are submitted which infringe the rights of others (e.g. copyright material or based on copyright material) then we reserve the right to pursue the submitting author of those works for any costs or damages incurred by us. Only submit original work that does not infringe the rights of others.


How do I get paid?

                You will be paid via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you will need to set one up. At present, the only currency we make payments in is GBP (UK Pounds Sterling) but if you are outside the UK, PayPal will convert this into your currency for you, at the going exchange rate. Once the funds are in PayPal, you can either make purchases online with them or transfer them to your bank account as normal. There should be no charges to you for any of these services but please check PayPal’s Terms & Conditions as these are outside our control and may vary between regions.

               Please note that you are solely responsible for making sure we have the correct PayPal account details for you. We cannot be held responsible if funds are lost because the eMail address you provided is incorrect. The automated method by which we submit payments means we are unable to resend previous payments if they fail due to you having supplied incorrect details.


When do I get paid?

                Earnings will show more-or-less immediately in your profile page when an earning event occurs (such as a sale of your design or a customer you’ve referred makes an order). The funds will not be released until 30 days have passed since they were earnt. This allows time for returns or cancellations to be accounted for.

                Once funds are released, they are immediately available to you. A running total of what’s currently available is shown on your dashboard. When you want to withdraw the money, just click withdraw and the funds will be transferred to you via PayPal. This is usually within a few minutes but on occasion can take longer, for example, if the payment is passed for manual review.

                You can trigger a withdrawal to your PayPal account once every 24 hours.