What is an Angel policy?

An Angel policy is an agreement from designers that customers buying our products featuring submitted designs are able to use them to create products for resale. Whether that’s using stamps to make handmade cards or decorating and reselling money boxes, there’s a lot of scope for making money customising and reselling our products.

Azeeda Angel Policy

Azeeda welcomes those who would like to create handmade items for resale from our products or designs. There are, of course, some terms and conditions that apply which we’ve outlined in the policy below.

The Angel Policy applies on all of our products. We have hundreds of designers who submit their work to us and all of them permit their work to be used to create products for resale. Once a designer has signed up and agreed to our Angel Policy, it cannot be revoked, so you don’t need to worry about the designer changing their mind and leaving you with products you can’t use. The precise terms of the Angel Policy may change from time to time, however, and it’s up to you to keep an eye on this. The same Angel Policy applies to all designers who’ve signed up, so you don’t need to keep track of different policies.

We often get customers requesting customisations of the products – such as their child’s name or wedding dates – which we don’t offer on products already containing designs. We are more than happy to refer these customers to partners who create handmade items in line with the Azeeda Angel Policy.

Finally, if you do make a living from customising or producing handmade items from Azeeda products, please get in touch. We’d be happy to feature you on our websites and social media pages or link to your shops on 3rd Party Venues (Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc.). We absolutely love that artists and crafters are making a living from our products. There’s something wonderful about a wedding in Scotland featuring handmade gifts made by a crafter in France using designs from an artist in Brazil.

Azeeda Angel Policy Terms & Conditions – Last Updated: 2018/01/16

  1. Every designer signed up with Azeeda permits commercial use of their submitted designs strictly under the terms of this Angel policy.
  2. Any products made must be entirely hand made by the seller. It is not permitted to mass produce products through paid labour, subcontracting, mechanical production, assembly line production or mass manufacture methods of any kind. Digital or electronic products derived from Azeeda products are not permitted for sale under any condition. For examples, see Clarification A below.
  3. The seller must make it clear in the description of their product that the product is handmade or customised by the seller and the final article is not a product of Azeeda. The seller may reference that the supplies are sourced from Azeeda, but the Azeeda name or any logos associated with Azeeda may not be used to promote the sale of the product. The Azeeda trademark may not be included in either product keywords, brand or other product specifications or in the product title. For examples, see Clarification B below.
  4. Designs from Azeeda may not be used to create logos, trademarks or promotional materials.
  5. Sellers creating products from Azeeda designs or customising Azeeda products are themselves responsible for adhering to all laws or regulations that may apply in the jurisdictions in which they are based or operate. This includes any relevant tax or income related laws.
  6. Any person or entity participating in the Azeeda Angel agreement assumes all liability for their work and agrees to indemnify Azeeda from any and all disputes, legal or otherwise, relating to their work.
  7. If a seller is unsure whether the intended use of the product is covered by this policy, the obligation is theirs to contact us beforehand and request clarification. All requests should be made via email so the request and clarification is in writing.
  8. Azeeda reserves the right to remove products or listings which are considered to breach this policy from websites or 3rd Party Venues (such as Amazon or eBay) using whatever legal tools are appropriate – such as using VeRO or filing an intellectual property infringement report. Any impact this has on a seller’s account on those sites is the seller’s responsibility – Azeeda will not be held liable for any loss, express or implied, that may result from these actions, warranted or not.
  9. There are no quantity limits or restrictions, other than those stated above, with regards to volume of products created or sold using Azeeda products or designs. As long as the policies above are followed, sellers can create unlimited products for resale.
  10. Azeeda reserves the right to amend this Angel policy from time to time, without notice or warning. The current Angel policy as displayed on the website is the legally binding one, even if the revision date is more recent than the purchase date of the product being used. It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure they comply with the most recently updated Angel policy.
  11. Azeeda is a trading name of Stamp Press Ltd, a UK registered company. The laws of the United Kingdom govern this policy. The courts of the United Kingdom will have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising from this policy and the UK will be the exclusive venue. Any failure of Azeeda to enforce its rights – either with deliberation or without – does not constitute a waiver of such rights.

Clarification A

Acceptable uses

  • Hand stamped images for use in card making and scrapbooking.
  • Handmade papers (gift / wrapping paper, background papers).
  • Customised products – e.g. hand painted and decorated money boxes.

Unacceptable uses

  • Copies of cards, gift or backing papers with hand stamped images.
  • Handmade papers which have been scanned and sold electronically for printing.
  • Products made using mechanical inking and stamping methods.

Clarification B

Acceptable Uses

  • Description: “This product is a hand painted version of a money box sourced from Azeeda but customised by ourselves. If you would like your own child’s name on here, please contact us directly.”
  • Description: “These scrapbooking papers were hand made by ourselves using a beautiful rubber stamp from Azeeda. If you would like us to make you your own customised backing papers using an Azeeda stamp, please contact us directly.”

Unacceptable Uses

  • Title: “Customised Dragon Money Box from Azeeda”
  • Setting the ‘Brand’ or other item specifics on eBay / Amazon etc. to “Azeeda”
  • Displaying or inserting the Azeeda logo on images of the product.
  • Displaying the Azeeda logo / brand prominently in the description.