Despatch Time

All our items are made to order - you order your stamp or your door hanger and we get busy making it straight away! Well, almost straight away, we do have a queue system that ensures that our products go out in the order they were placed. The lead time is kept constantly updated on the website so you can see before you buy how long we think it will be until we’ve made your items. That said, our lead times assume a normal working day - so if it says 3 days and then you check it the day after and it says 1 day, that means we've had people in working overnight to get everyone's orders out faster.

There are two queues shown on the website. Our normal queue and our premium queue. The premium queue is for our Premium Members. This queue has its own dedicated Stamp Press so Premium Members get their goods quicker – we guarantee our Premium Members will get their items made within one working day. If the premium queue is ever empty, though, that Stamp Press goes back to work on the standard queue.

Delivery Costs

Shipping is FREE on all orders, no matter where you are in the world. For the UK, we use Royal Mail Second Class and for worldwide orders, use Airmail Priority. We charge nothing for delivery. As we produce these to order, we do not offer a next day delivery service.

If you are outside the UK, there may be customs fees levied by your own government for goods brought into the country. We have no control over these and any associated fees must be paid by the customer direct to their government. Most personal orders (i.e. orders for home use, not for business) do not attract any customs fees but please check your own country's import regulations.

Delivery Times

Delivery within the UK is via RM Second Class and most arrive within 3 days of despatch, however please allow up to 10 days for delivery.

International orders depend on both international transit times and the mail service of your own country. Delivery is usually 10 - 21 days to most countries.